Experience to Lead

Donna Patalano began her career in healthcare management and started law school in her 30's. As a prosecutor, she served as the Chief of Professional Integrity & Ethics and created the state's first Conviction Integrity Program. As a defense attorney, Donna protected the constitutional rights of those who could not afford a lawyer. 

Donna is uniquely qualified to deliver a new vision for justice in Middlesex County. 

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Our criminal justice system is broken. 

In Massachusetts today, black people are incarcerated at a rate eight times greater than white people. For Latinx people, the rate is five times greater. The impact on our communities is devastating. 

We must do better. 

The District Attorney has the sole authority to decide who is diverted, offered pleas, charged, indicted, or brought to trial -- unchecked by any other official. It is critical that we have a leader committed to equity, transparency, and accountability.

Donna will lead an office dedicated to both safety and social justice.

The District Attorney has tremendous power to impact the lives of the 1.5 million people who call Middlesex County home. If someone is accused of committing a crime, it is not the police but the DA who has the sole power to decide if criminal charges are filed and the severity of those charges. That is why the District Attorney must serve as a minister of justice.


February 2017

Patalano has an inkling of why she was trusted with high-profile cases early in her career -- it’s the nuanced judgement and empathy she said she developed by being brought up by a single dad, a lineman for an electric company for 43 years, and putting herself through college. 

   Mariya Manzhos | Winchester Star

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