You deserve to know where your District Attorney stands.

As your next District Attorney, I will lead an office dedicated to transparency, equity, and accountability.
— Donna Patalano

Public Records Request: Bail Policy

In January 2018, my opponent announced a new policy of not asking for cash bail on low-level, nonviolent offenses. She claimed she had been studying the issue for 6 months.

I filed a Public Records Request to find out if that was true.

It wasn't. Click here to read the documents that show the policy and the press release announcing it were sent 4 minutes apart.

Public Records Request: Turnover Rates

In April 2018, the State Auditor released a report about the turnoevr rate for prosecutors in DA's offices across the state. That report showed that Middlesex County had the highest turnover rate from 2011 to 2017, at 13%.

I filed a Public Records Request to find out what effect the ADA retention fund has had on Middlesex County year-by-year.

Click here to read the responsive documents.

Click here to see who has donated to our campaign, and how we're spending that money.

Click any of the buttons below to see Donna's positions and statements to endorsing organizations.

Justice for Massachusetts

The Justice for Massachusetts Coalition is a group of organizations committed to furthering our shared progressive values. I'm proud to have their support in this race.

Our Revolution Massachusetts

ORMA Chapters across the County have been incredibly supportive of me, and I could not be more proud to have their support as we work to bring progressive leadership built on equity and accountability to the DA's office.

What a Difference a DA Makes

The What a Difference a DA Makes public education campaign is led by the ACLU of Massachusetts and other progressive organizations committed to criminal justice reform across our state. Click below to read more about my commitment to bring meaningful reform to the largest county in New England.

Democracy for America

Democracy for America is a national organization committed to electing progressives across the country at every level of government. I'm proud to have their support in this race. Click below to read my statement to DFA on the state of our race.

Citizens for Juvenile Justice

Citiens for Juvenile Justice, or CFJJ, advocates for improvements to our juvenile justice system. Click here to read my answers to their questionnaire.

Our Revolution - Malden

OR Malden is an active group committed to furthering our shared progressive values. Click below to read my answers to their endorsement questionnaire.

Working Families Party

The Working Families Party advocates across the country for a government that works for all of us. They are working to elect fresh voices across the country, including progressive leader Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner. Click below to read the plans we shared with the WFP.

Vote Pro Choice

In today's political climate, it gets more important every day that we have champions for women's autonomy and access to healthcare in elected office. I was proud to share my views with Vote Pro Choice. Click below to check them out.

League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters has given us the opportunity to share our ideas, side by side, and let the voters decide who should carry forward the mission of making our system more equitable. Click below to read about my vision for the office.

Mass Parent Action

Mass Parent Action is a coalition of parents advocating for safe communities, food stability, affordable housing, and ending the achievement gap. I shared my views on parental involvement in policy making -- read more below.

Massachusetts Womens Political Caucus

The MWPC is an organization dedicated to electing more women in Massachusetts. Click below to read the policy positions I shared with the MWPC.