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A New Vision of Justice

A life-long Democrat, Donna is a proven leader who has worked on innovative and ethical policies to bring a new perspective to prosecutions and advance the interests of justice. Now is the time to reimagine and restore trust in the justice system. 

A resident of Middlesex County for more than 25 years, Donna was raised by her dad, a single parent who served as a lineman at the electric company for 43 years. She clerked for Justice Elspeth Cypher in the Massachusetts Appeals Court and then started as a prosecutor in the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office.  She then worked as a zealous advocate, as a defense attorney for clients in the state and federal justice system. Donna returned to the Suffolk County DA's Office as Chief of Professional Integrity & Ethics, creating training programs, prosecution policies, and helping to build the Conviction Integrity Program in Massachusetts. 

On Day One: 

As Middlesex District Attorney, I will use this power to do three key things on my very first day in Office:

1. I will create an Immigration Counsel at the Middlesex DA’s Office to protect everyone in our community. My Immigration Counsel will help reduce unjust repercussions for individuals because of their immigration status.

2. I will change asset forfeiture. When someone is arrested, the property they have (cash, cellphones, cars) can be taken from them. People lose their property even before they are convicted of a crime. This is called “asset forfeiture.” I will not allow for property to be “forfeited” until someone is convicted of a crime. 

3. I will end cash bail for all but violent offenses. Under my opponent, twice as many people have been held on bail. Bail is only to be sure that someone shows up to court for the next hearing. If someone can't afford to post cash bail, they are jailed until their court date. Many times this means we are jailing people because they are poor. We must stop this in Middlesex County and ensure we aren’t jailing people because they are poor.

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